Samsung Gear VR Unboxing And Impressions

NBC have teamed up with Samsung to give owners of the Gear VR and unique perspective of the upcoming Rio Olympic Games.

Then, there’s the Freefly VR headset , which will be available for £50 from John Lewis and will launch in early December in the UK. This black VR headset is made from black plastic and was born out of Kickstarter. Like the Merge VR, it also accepts a wide range of Android and iOS smartphones, and it comes with a Bluetooth joystick with buttons similar to a video console controller so that you can point at objects or use it to command a virtual weapon or tool.

There are plenty of affordable chemical products designed for scuba gear that get the job done. We’ve had success with both Clarity Defog It wipes and Jaws Quick Spit, but we prefer the latter simply because it’s so much cheaper. It runs around US$6 a bottle on Amazon , and lasts for at least 200 sprays. Before jumping into VR, just spray some solution onto your finger, massage into each lens, wipe off the excess and enjoy fog-free virtual reality.

So that, in the final analysis, our choices, in our milieu and media environments and real life, are what we find that Rushkoff has summed-up in the cited excerpt above… in which he is addressing these ‘ingroup’ choices and biases, along with the ‘self-serving’ choices and the ‘justifying and bolstering of the status quo’ do serve as the choices we have as afforded us by the digital technologies and the choices they shower us with, as discussed in my synthesis of the Sarokin article above.

There is some silent confidence within the majority of the Americans, the idea that we will give our President his chance to turn ‘this ship around; there is also a silent majority which elected and still believe in Obama, and are seeing the change taking place and see him everyday on TV, internationally and locally, building a different America, that is not fueled by war and racism. History is on his side and the changes that he is implementing are slow, but gear vr promotion

MM: If you look at film and cinema, the idea behind it has always been to forget who you are and become lost in another world. You can experience something else and be somewhere else. Virtual reality does that in a game-changing way. It truly is the next evolution of storytelling, and the future of entertainment in general. In virtual reality you feel like you really are on the battlefield, or a superhero. Virtual reality content is so much more immersive and so much more entertaining, I really had no interest in doing traditional flat 2D films anymore.


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