Samsung Gear VR Successor May Be In The Works

Facebook’s Oculus VR is creating the Rift Sony’s PlayStation is creating Project Morpheus Google is… well, Cardboard exists. And now Samsung’s getting in on the virtual reality action, announcing Gear VR at IFA 2014 today in Berlin, Germany. Gear VR is a virtual reality headset with a removable front cover where Samsung’s newly announced Note 4 slips in, acting as the screen. Paired have a peek here with adjustable lenses built into the headset and a comfy strap, Gear VR turns Samsung’s next Note into a virtual reality machine. And what’s the first thing you’ll see when you strap on Gear VR? Oculus VR’s handiwork. The company behind the re-birth of virtual reality is partnering with Samsung on Gear VR: Samsung handles the hardware; Oculus offers up its software prowess.

Browsing the internet in VR might seem a little pointless at first glance, but this beta browser has one big plus: you can access YouTube’s burgeoning library of 360-degree videos Fire up the browser, choose the dedicated YouTube link on the left (Samsung knows what it’s doing) and then search for 360, the first hit is Google’s own curated channel of such videos. Then have a browse and enjoy up-to-date, 360-degree video content in gear vr best buy

It is trying to program you. It has been doing so since you were born. It will go on doing it every time you turn on the television or set foot in a movie theater. It will do it through your interactions with those who are already running its programs or sub-programs. It will target you demographically, by race, sex, income level, regional area and so on and so forth.

Nor is the US policy a captive of excessive moralism or utopia globalism; nor is it compelled by the nation’s vision of its role in history. If there is a utopianism or a historical vision, by some strange coincidence it is always directed against popular revolution and socialism or oil and other natural resources and is supportive of global gear vr

For GPS performance, the Excite 470q unfortunately has a bug with its GPS. Even with preloaded EPO data, the phone is unable to lock-in to any satellites in sight. Location services required by apps will still work with wifi or 3G though. I have also contacted Cloudfone regarding this matter and they’ve informed me that an update will be released to fix this.

And Samsung has taken it upon itself to be an early pioneer of this new world with its Samsung Gear VR unit. The Gear VR is the best virtual reality gadget you can buy right now, and a great way to jump into the world of VR gaming and entertainment – just make sure you own a compatible Samsung phone first. Samsung’s virtual reality experience is based on Oculus VR’s platform, which means Gear VR users will have access to some of the same apps that will be available for the Oculus Rift when it launches.


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