The Power Of The Virtual

Since releasing a developer’s version of the Gear VR in December of 2014, Samsung has ushered in a new era of mobile virtual reality. The commercial version was finally released in November of 2015 and garnered mixed reviews. The Verge gave the device an overall positive review but noted some not-so-minor gear vr controller

HTC will start taking pre-orders for Vive, its virtual reality headset, from February 29, its chief executive has confirmed. If you can’t wait to get your hands on an HTC Vive virtual reality headset, you can start to get your wallet ready. With regards to pricing, the HTC Vive may be more expensive than the Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR headsets.

This will allow players who may find certain pieces of gear slightly inferior due to their focus on the wrong stats much more willing to utilize those pieces. It might also create a higher degree of argument in instance parties over who gets what pieces of loot due to their different stats and how those stats can be shifted around now that any piece of gear can easily be changed.

Changes to the Gear’s dimensions have made it large enough to fit over most glasses. Increasing the size to accommodate them means some users will notice light leak around the edges, but we didn’t see much evidence of it, and certainly didn’t find it distracting. Overall, the upgraded rubber mask and felt pads fit snugly and should last longer than the crummy foam pads on earlier models. You can remove and wash the new pads as well, which is nice if you happen to be working up a sweat (no, we don’t want to know why you are).

Gunjack is a turret shooter, a popular genre amongst early VR games. Aim with your head and fire by tapping the touchpad on the side of the headset. From your gun turret you must fight off waves of incoming fighters, there’s a range of enemies, bigger bosses and weapons power ups too. It’s another game that you can play sat on the sofa, as all the action occurs within 180-degrees. There’s no controller needed, although you can use one to shoot and reload, which is easier and more relaxing than holding your hand up to the Gear VR all the time. Each level only take a few minutes and this is our top choice for a quick blast. Only downside is there’s no free demo, so buy it quick while it’s on sale.

We’ve already seen the beginnings. Under siege in the Russian White House, Boris Yeltsin sent a fax to let the world know freedom was still alive. As academics connected on-line to reach across the Iron Curtain, the undeniable power of democratic ideals brought down the Berlin Wall. Today, over 600,000 people in China have access to the net and that number is expected to reach 7 million in the unbelievably short span of the next three years. Can democracy long be denied a people once they have tasted freedom? I believe the answer is gear vr controller


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