Over One Million People Used The Technology Last Month

Mobile virtual reality is finally here. With the Samsung Gear VR, you can play amazing games, watch Hollywood’s best movies in your own private cinema (or even on the moon!), socialize with friends new and old, be at the center of a suspense thriller, and so much more. The Gear VR drops you right into the action – and it’s only from Samsung & Oculus.

The Excite 470q’s screen isn’t OGS, but the gap between the glass and the panel is quite small. The glass layer of the screen tapers as it reaches the edges creating an impression of flushness as well as body. Together with the small gap, it looks and feels just like models with a OGS screen. The glass doesn’t seem to have any special treatment applied to it, but it’s clear and provides excellent light transmission.

If you’re looking for guidance on whether or not you should buy a $200 Gear VR headset to strap your $700 Galaxy Note 4 into, this isn’t the review for you. Frankly, it’s a lot to pay for the experience, and I don’t feel comfortable suggesting anyone shell out that kind of cash for Gear VR. And let’s be honest: The folks who would drop that kind of money for the promise of Gear VR are crazy people like me. They’ve already bought one.

Are you ready for virtual reality? It’s here in Samsung’s Gear VR. Imagine stepping into your favorite movie or game or watching a music video on the surface of the moon. Be sure to connect the Level U headphones for handsfree listening and call handling alike. Sleek and comfortable enough to wear all day, these headphones feature powerful 12mm speakers and easy-to-use on-board controls. This is one viewing and listening experience that will leave you speechless.

Step 3. Place the movies in the correct folder in your phone. To do this, simply navigate to the default folder created by Oculus/Gear VR, but don’t paste them there just yet. Create a new folder within that folder and name it 3D” (/oculus/movies/3d/). That’s where you need to place your 3D movies since the root folder is reserved for your regular 2D movies.

The real goodie is the ‘smart awake’ feature which are gestures you can perform while the screen is turned off as the Up Lite’s display can still receive input while it’s off. You can perform gestures, or rather gestures in the shape of letters, to execute an action or directly go to an app while the display is turned off. It also allows you to double tap to wake up the phone, just like on LG’s Android phones, which is convenient. The video below demonstrates this feature.samsung gear vr


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