Why My Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset Is Gathering Dust

If you just got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S6 (or its curvier sibling, the S6 Edge) and you happen to be a fan of VR, well good news: the latest Gear VR for the Galaxy S6 is now officially on sale. It’s still in limited rollout but it should be in your local Best Buy starting today for around $199, with availability expanding quickly to even more places. Introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the new headset is not only designed for Samsung’s new phones, but also features a number of improvements over the original Gear VR for the Note 4. We had a chance to take a brief spin with the new hardware a few days ago, tried out a few new made-for-VR games and also talked to Max Cohen, VP of mobile at Oculus, for more on Gear VR’s future.

Galaxy S7 edge battery life is impressive and over a 24 hour period of what we’d call regular usage we still had 59 percent of the juice left. On that basis, the phone will last a decent two days unless you rinse it with demanding tasks like Gear VR watching films or gaming. In our battery benchmark using Geekbench 3, the Galaxy S7 edge set a record with 11 hours and 25 minutes and a score of 6855 outpacing the Huawei Mate 8 which lasted 10 hours 15 minutes with a score of 6091.

The personal licence is $130 and the business is $430, although you can publish to Windows Desktop, Facebook, Chrome store, and a few more places for free. Once you buy the personal licence, you can publish to the rest of the platforms, including iOS and Android. But what about the experience? Well it’s simple: Drag and Drop the logic, add resources, and export. If you want to make some really crazy, something you can’t program with the basic drag and drop, then you can write in JavaScript and HTML for web apps. But you will most probably be able to do everything possible with the basic drag and drop.

We’re huge fans of the Gear VR headset, and gave it our coveted Product of the Year 2015 award, and consider it an excellent way to get started with VR without spending thousands on an HTC Vive setup, or being disappointed by Google Cardboard. While it’s great Samsung’s giving a Gear VR away to buyers of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which can be found at lower prices, we’d recommend the Galaxy S7 Edge if you can afford it. It’s a great phone that operates well with the Gear VR.

You need to extract the whole zip file to a new folder somewhere you know where it is (eg my documents/samsung drivers). Then use use device manager and direct the manual driver update to the folder you extracted the zip file too. The computer should pick and choose from the 21 folders and other files to get the ones it needs. Hope you manage ok, good luck!!samsung gear vr youtubesamsung gear vr best buy


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