10 Immersive Apps And Games That Make Samsung’s Gear VR A Must

The Gear VR pushes the limits of mobile virtual reality and surrounds you in an immersive experience. Its lightweight design features an upgraded touchpad and allows you to comfortably play and watch more. Plus, with an improved fit, the Gear VR includes room for most eyeglasses and provides improved padding for extra comfort and durability.

VRSE is a must if you’re looking for quality. You can watch some of the most impressive VR vids made so far including Vice News and Spike Jonze’s VR broadcast from a NYC protest – it’s rough around the edges but you really do feel like you’re right there in the middle of it – and Evolution of Verse, the beautiful short film by Chris Milk which debuted at this year’s Sundance.samsung gear vr promotion

The only effect not imported to VR was the dirty lens effect. In the original Ice Cave demo this effect is implemented as a quad that is rendered on top of the scene. A dirty texture appears with more or less intensity depending on how much the camera is aligned with the sun. This didn’t translate well to VR and so the decision was made to completely remove it from the VR version.

From a museum practice with uncertain beginnings and recent crises of confidence, curation has been symbolically thrust into the limelight as a means of dealing with a new order of digital information and objects. In the process, it has mutated: curating a digital world requires more than the transference of museum connoisseurship onto the realm of the Internet.samsung gear vr youtube

Notably, I encountered a few issues while removing and placing the phone: If you accidentally open up an application on the phone while placing it, for instance, that might break the pairing. A few times, Samsung reps had to outright reset the Note 4 and start from scratch because it froze. These are prototype devices and not the final product that’ll ship to consumers later this year, but there’s some roughness to how the phone is physically paired. A slight jingle plays when it connects, which is a nice touch, but I’d also like a more secure docking area. It feels like trying to jam a phone into a micro-USB port at an awkward angle, and that’s not a great first experience.

To make matters more difficult, progressive think tanks have a hard time getting general organizational support. Foundations want to support projects — specific, well-defined, discreet projects. The generally progressive Mott Foundation, for instance, gave slightly more to policy institutes in 2000 ($7.45 million) than the conservative Bradley Foundation ($6.53 million), but most of its funding was devoted primarily to specific projects.


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