Samsung Will Release Gear VR That Doesn’t Require Galaxy S7 Or Galaxy Note 5

Virtual reality may not be a huge market on its own yet, but it clearly helps to sell other devices. Case in point: Samsung is bringing back the Gear VR promotion it first ran when it introduced its new line of flagship phones earlier this year.

In our benchmark tests the Galaxy S7 edge has set a new record in Geekbench 3 by beating the Huawei Mate 8 and the Galaxy S7. It’s also a beast in the GFXBench graphics tests, although the iPhone 6S is still the winner here due to its lower screen resolution – the figures are impressive for a Quad HD phone, though. In the JavaScript JetStream test, the Galaxy S7 edge proved better than any other Android handset we’ve seen but the iPhone remains the leader of the pack here.

This game is like shooting zombies in a barrel — an unending stream of zombies, that is. Deadhead VR is a seemingly by-the-numbers arcade shooter in which players are tasked with mowing down an approaching horde of the undead. But you’ll have some help in the form of Deadheads, companion skulls that can enhance your character’s power in a myriad of ways such as by enhancing your accuracy, helping you track enemies or turning into a turret for you to use. Throw in several different weapon types, and you’ve got yourself a compelling game with plenty of strategy. Gamepad gear vr

With about two decades into our usage of mobile phones, people born after 1995 can’t remember a time when their parents or they, themselves weren’t an arm’s reach away from being connected. It may seem bizarre now, but mobile phones won’t be around forever because something more human and immersive will take its place. Virtual reality is that next step in the technological revolution.

As Dutch Samsung fansite Galaxy Club spotted, the listing references to new model number for the device, SM-R323. As you can see on Samsung’s own support site, the current version of the Gear VR has a model number of SM-R322, and its predecessor, the Innovator Edition Gear VR for the Galaxy S6, is listed as SM-R321. This different model number suggests that the newest version of the device could be in the works.


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